2019 Inaugural OnCore Cup - OnCore Golf

Wow, what an event!‌ Thank you to all who came out for our first ever OnCore Cup at Seneca Hickory Stick Golf Club. Team USA vs Team Canada, Ryder Cup style format, with Canada prevailing in a down to a wire epic fashion.


Team Canada OnCore Cup

                                              Team Canada Prevails 

The day included lots of “fun” weather because apparently golf is not hard enough on its own. We had downpours, wind, and cool air followed by sunshine, and this cycle was stuck on repeat for the entire round. Coming down the 18th hole, Team Canada had a 4 point lead, the final group was greeted by eager team members from both sides cheering them on. The final US group ended up 3 points to 1, but it was not enough to swing the tides and Canada ultimately prevailed 15 to 13.

Team USA OnCore Cup

Team USA



 Team Captains

Special thanks to our team captains Brian McGahey (USA) and Jason Helman (Canada). 

OnCore Co-Founder Steve Coulton

 OnCore Team


Team OnCore

Steve Coulton, Co-Founder 



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Written by Steve Coulton

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