2019 PGA Show, It's a wrap...

As many of you may know OnCore has been attending or exhibiting at the PGA Merchandise show for the last 6 years. You might think we have seen it all at this point, but every year, we continue to be surprised by the exciting new products and innovations, many of which we are leading the charge on. We also chuckle at the buzz words and false marketing that is part and parcel with being in the golf business and try not to fall victims to it ourselves.

OnCore Golf Booth 801 PGA Merchandise show 2019

We take great pride in our continuous pursuit of disruptive innovation and love having a platform to show it off at the PGA Merchandise show every year. We also understand it’s important to move beyond the buzz words and identify true signals in a sea of noise.  In an industry famous for its marketing panache we want to be the ones that back up the talk with the walk.

Words like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Graphene etc are tossed around willy-nilly making it hard for golfers to understand true innovation.

Al Geiberger Mr.59

Al Geiberger Giving A Lesson

At this years show we partnered with VUZIX, a leader in Augmented Reality smart glasses and showed off the potential of these blades with our GENiUS ball project. Attendees were able to hit our golf balls and see all of their data right in the heads up display in the glasses. This data was being ported via blue tooth from a state of the art Ernest 20/20 launch monitor. Eventually the data will come straight from the GENiUS ball live during the round. This is an incredibly complex engineering project we have spent years working on. The good news is people loved the demo.

John Geiberger (OnCore's Head of Player Development) and Bret Blakely (OnCore Co-Founder)

In our booth we also handed out samples of our Golf Digest Hot List winning ELIXR tour ball and our new super soft AVANT 55 golf balls. The reaction from golf professionals and other attendees was very positive! We have new colors and matte versions coming out this Spring as well.

ELIXR signed by Mr.59

The legend, the man, the myth himself Mr.59, AL Geiberger was in our booth signing autographs throughout the show. Why Al? Well Al became a big fan of the ELIXR golf ball when his son John Geiberger gave him a sleeve to try and he has been a huge supporter ever since. Al also turned his high school golf buddy, Charles Schwab, onto the ELIXR and now Charles has thrown his full support behind the company. It is amazing how far a little company with big ideas out of Buffalo, NY can go with persistence and hard work!

Al Geiberger (Mr.59) and son John Geiberger

One of the well respected, unbiased, media organizations, MYGOLFSPY, has described OnCore as “one of the true innovators in the golf ball space.” We strive to remain ahead of the technology curve while others pursue the status quo. Thanks for joining us on this incredible journey, to many more great years ahead!

Al Geiberger (Mr.59) and Steve Coulton (OnCore Co-founder)




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Written by Steve Coulton

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