Why Accuracy Matters & How Ball Spin Effects it

We all know intuitively that accuracy is tantamount to a well played round of golf. The habitual scramblers out there may disagree, but you're certainly a minority. Most of us mere mortals that end up in the tree's might as well post the double bogey or possibly worse before we even hit the green. Figure 8's and snowman aside, keeping it in the short grass will give you access to more greens in regulation and more pars and birdies, plain and simple!

Are you a long hitter that struggles to keep the ball in play? Try teeing off with your 3 wood instead of the big dog occasionally and learn to control your misses. Consider adding a hybrid to your arsenal and learn to be deadly accurate with it. Consider playing an OnCore ball as well- Okay you knew it was coming...a shameless product plug. But let me digress a bit on spin, specifically your golf ball's spin...

Every golf ball has three components of spin - backspin lifts the ball, side-spin pulls it left or right and rifle spin stabilizes the ball.  Our Avant golf ball is one of the lowest spinning, read backspin, off the driver. Why is this important? Less backspin also means less side spin which means straighter shots off the tee. It also means MORE distance! This is a phenomenal combination in golf and something you should look for regardless of what company's ball you play.

Our Caliber golf ball has more rifle spin. Despite a slightly higher backspin off the driver, the hollow core technology promotes increased rifle spin which in turn stabilizes the ball and give you a tighter shot dispersion. More fairways in a round leads to lower scores and one happy golfer.

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Written by Team OnCore

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