When Advanced Mathematics and Poker meet Golf?

Greetings Fellow golfers,

Meet Scott Fawcett - mathematical savant, poker player extraordinaire and a former professional golfer. Scott has developed a system, DECADE Golf, call it the "Moneyball" approach to golf, where using advanced statistics, golfers can track and analyze their games. Another key feature is the training involved which helps you to create dynamic strategies, for example, where to place your tee shot and what pins to fire at, when playing different courses in an optimal fashion. Scott was apparently banned by the NCAA for conducting seminars that would give teams an unfair advantage over those who did not attend... sounds like an endorsement to me!

Notable golfers such as Bryson Dechambeau and Maverick McNealy have studied under Mr. Fawcett and his Decade system. I can't say whether it actually works, having not used it myself. The app is downloaded on my phone, however it requires a payment of $49.99 for a 6 month subscription to be activated. The system appears to be fairly onerous in terms of recording your shots during a round, which may be more than I can handle at the moment. But for the serious golfers out there and those looking to invest the time needed to improve, this may be a great system for you. 

On a side note- Congrats to Bryson Dechambeau on his recent win at The Northern Trust. 


Written by Team OnCore

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