An Unforgettable Sports Story: The Nomads find a home with OnCore Golf

Nomad, 1: a member of a people who have no fixed residence but move from place to place usually seasonally and within a well-defined territory. (Merriam-Webster)

As the definition alludes, the journey of a Nomad is one initiated by a separation from the settler’s society. His lack of home is often not a choice of his own, but a learned defense mechanism to preserve his culture and people in environments that can be seasonally hostile.

           In constant reflection upon the survival and safety of its people, the Nomad must procure and sustain a strong cultural identity, as a social “body armor” in order to keep his mental and spiritual sovereignty, despite of a cyclical physical un-sovereignty often presented to he and his people.   

The Nomads private golf club was founded in1950 by group of successful and famous African American men who loved the game though at times that love was not retuned. In a “Caucasians Only” policy enacted by the Professional Golf Association at the time, meant that most golf facilities had a license to turn African Americans away without a question, even public golf courses in public parks. And so, because the original members were forced to travel far and wide to find courses that would allow them to play, they adopted the name The Nomads. They were golfers without a home. Comprised of only seventy members, the group has evolved into one of the most exclusive private golf clubs in America, enlisting only of the highest caliber of African American men of means.


60 Min Special

July 2019, history was made when The Nomads secured their first corporate sponsor in their entire history of 69 years, OnCore Golf. In addition to becoming the official golf ball sponsor of the Nomads, the team traveled to Fairmont, Chateau Whistler Golf Club to partake in the festivities further cementing the relationship. This was especially special for partner Nasser Sutherland, for also an avid golfer and longtime Nomad follower, had been discretely petitioning to become a Nomad for years prior with no avail due to its strict monetary requirements. N.S “(Laughs), I’m pretty sure I don’t make enough, but I’ll keep trying till one of those seventy spots opens up”

OnCore sponsor video

This July 2020, the Nomads approach their 70th year anniversary celebrating almost a century of pride and tradition, while emulating that “sacred” Nomad number of seventy. However, due to this unprecedented global health environment, the annual “Nomad Week” of golf festivities and comradery cannot commence. Alternatively, and recently announced, Saturday 06/11/2020 The Nomads 60 Minutes story will be replayed on CBS Sports on June 13th at 1:30pm EDT, included in a series of unforgettable sports stories.

             This Saturday help us celebrate the history and tradition of The Nomads. A partner we hold very dear to our hearts and encourage all our OnCore family and patrons to tune in for a rare golf treat.              

Nomad Hole in one video

Team OnCore

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