Anthony Anderson Golf Tournament - OnCore Golf

Anthony Anderson Golf Tournament - OnCore Golf

Whats up OnCore fans! My name is Peter and I just joined the OnCore team a few months ago. I was very excited when I accepted the job and knew it would be fun but I did not expect to be hanging out in California with Celebrities. Here is how the week in Palm Springs went. 


Bret & I flew into Los Angelas early Friday morning. We spent the day exploring the coast and taking the ride up to Palm Springs to prep for a weekend filled with parties, celebrities and golf.


Our AIRBNB was incredible. It had a pool, hot tub, hammocks, and a life-size chess board. 


Saturday we spent time with the legend Mr.59 Al Geiberger filming golf tips with our ball the OnCore ELIXR. Al Gieberger loves the ELIXR and had a lot to say to improve your golf game. Subscribe to our youtube channel or sign up for our email list so you can get those tips as we release them. 


Sunday night we made our way to the celebrity party where we took photos with some of the most well-known celebrities, athletes and musicians like Anthony Anderson, Chris Paul, and George Lopez. 


Monday #teamoncore spent all day at Big Horn golf course for the Anthony Anderson Celebrity golf tournament. We saw everything from a hole in one with the ELIXR(Link Here) to a Prov1 being shanked into the grass next to us. :) 


Overall, it was a crazy weekend of fun and wild times. You can watch us behind the scenes of the celebrity party by clicking on this link. You can watch us behind the scenes of the celebrity golf tournament by clicking on this link. AND don’t forget to check out all we have to offer on our website at


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