AVANT 55 in the Cold? You bet!

Let me take you back a few decades, to 1982. A high school golf match at a local club, snow flying, and this writer pulled out his secret weapon: the Green Max. One of the softest golf balls ever played, and it won the match. While the other studs were gaming Top Flights and Titleists, the Green Max never once rattled my hands.

Fast forward to 2019, and your Green Max might as well be called the OnCore Avant 55. As the temperature drops in the northern hemisphere (and even in some southern states), the golf doesn't end. Nothing like stealing a December or January or February day; 50 degrees in winter feels like 75 in summer, am I right?

Before we get into the science, here's a tip apart from the golf balls you choose to play when Frosty comes to town: stretch throughout the round. Cold weather makes muscles contract, so your swing will shorten as your body turns less. In addition to preserving flexibility, stretching will keep you warm, as your body will be active. Now, on to the science!

Physics and fairway talk tell us that softer golf balls compress more and quicker in cold weather. No matter what, you're going to lose distance as the temperature drops, so why not minimize the loss? Switch from Elixr to Avant 55 during the chilly seasons, and you'll hardly notice a difference. In fact, you'll probably find yourself hitting last from the fairway!



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Written by Ronald Montesano

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