Avant Golf Ball Review - Sweet :)

We pride ourselves on building the most innovative and disruptive golf ball technologies- with that said when we get reviews like these, everyday, it feels good to share with the world!

Chris B left the following 5 star review for the AVANT 

Great Balls of Fire.

I don't know if it's me or the ball yet, but I seem to hit it farther and straighter. I told the boys that I bought these balls that are designed to go straight. They said ya, sure, ok. The first time I hit one it went right down the middle. They all said wow. I normally drive about 200 yds. That one went 240 and felt so good. I now tell them I'm going to use my straight ball and they say, that's not fair. My wife says I want some of those! Guess I need to buy more. Will you be making pink?


Written by Steve Coulton

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