Top 7 Big City Golf Courses by Airport

Meetings, Negotiations, Training, Facility Tours-all part and parcel of business trips. If certain days allow you to sneak in a round of golf, why not avail yourself of the chase the little white ball? A welcome break from the grind makes the business run smoother, after all. In part one, we've listed seven prime business destinations from the eastern half of the USA and included one friend from our neighbor to the north.

For each destination, our experts found the closest course to the concourse, to ensure that you hit the first tee as soon as your wheels touch down. They do a quick break-down of the course (the skinny), time from the tarmac (the distance), and the closest restaurant (the munch) for expediency's sake. And...Let's Go!

Eastern USA
Atlanta: Browns Mill GC

  • The skinny: 5500 to 6500 yards long; water on 8 holes; municipal course.
  • The distance: 5 miles from Atlanta-Hartsfield.
  • The munch: ATL Wings Your Way

Boston: Winthrop GC

  • The skinny: 2700-3000 yards long (9 holes); water on 3 holes; semi-private.
  • The distance: 4 miles from Logan International.
  • The munch: Antique Table

DFW: Bear Creek GC

  • The skinny: 5600 to 6700 yards long; 36 holes; daily-fee course.
  • The distance: 4 miles from DFW.
  • The munch: Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen

Miami: International Links-Melreese

  • The skinny: 3400 to 7300 yards long; water on 9 holes; daily-fee course.
  • The distance: 3 miles from Miami International.
  • The munch: The Rickenbacker Restaurant

NYC-L: Golf Links Ferry Point

  • The skinny: 5300 to 7400 yards long; Nicklaus Design; CC4ADay.
  • The distance: 9 miles from Laguardia.
  • The munch: Havana Cafe

NYC-JFK: North Woodmere GC (lots of exclusive privates next door)

  • The skinny: 2282 yards long; 5 par 3 & 4 par 4 holes; County course.
  • The distance: 7 miles from JFK International.
  • The munch: X.O. Sushi Asian Restaurant

Toronto: Royal Woodbine GC

  • The skinny: 5200 to 6400 yards long; Out-And-Back links configuration.
  • The distance: 2 miles from Atlanta-Hartsfield.
  • The munch: Tucker's Marketplace
    A few final tips to make the travel portion of your business junket run smoother~
    DON'T ... check your clubs.
    DO ... ship your clubs.
    BETTER DO ... call ahead and rent a set at the place you're pegging it. Playing with different clubs is often a window into what part of your regular set needs shaking up.




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    Written by Bold Commerce Collaborator

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