The 19th Hole - Must Try Breweries

Golfers love two things in life: they love to travel for great golf, and they love to celebrate. Doesn't matter what they celebrate, just raising a glass to each other makes for memories. What better way to celebrate a shared round of golf, than with a glass of a local, craft beer. Today, we reveal 5 terrific golf destinations, each sharing a selection of craft breweries within a 20-minute drive. These are golf-first itineraries, with world-class local beers in the vicinity.

Get the party started with a trip to Sheboygan. In addition to the tallest flagpole flying a USA flag anywhere, Sheboygan is a drive-and-pitch from the town of Kohler, home of Blackwolf Run and Whistling Straits. 4 courses in total, all of the championship quality, all with a diverse set of tee decks for all distance and skill levels. We've picked three brewing companies (listed in the index below) that will give you the flavor of the region, all within 25 minutes of downtown Kohler.

Whistling Straits, Wisconsin

3 Sheeps Brewing Company - 12 minutes 

Plymouth Brewing Company - 18 minutes

SwitchGear Brewing Company - 23 minutes

Next, head south this winter to Brooksville, Florida. The World Woods golf courses, designed by Tom Fazio, differ in their architecture and their approach. If you never get to play Pine Valley, the consensus best-in-America, uber-private New Jersey course, play Pine Barrens instead. Fazio's tribute to the northern icon is a worthy and memorable substitute. In addition, you'll find the Rolling Oaks course for the day's 2nd (or the next day's) round. As for the beer, check out Tidal and Marker 48, both a quick, 20-minute car share or drive.

World Woods, Florida

Tidal Brewing Company -19 minutes

Marker 48 Brewing Company-  20 minutes

Here's a shock-we're recommending Pinehurst! The sandhills region of North Carolina is renowned for its golf. Whether you like modern (Tobacco Road) classic (Mid Pines) or expensive classic (Pinehurst #2), you are certain to find it in the Pinehurst-Southern Pines-Aberdeen triad. As for the beer, North Carolina's south-central region has three outstanding breweries on offer, each with its own take on the world's classic brewing styles.

Pinehurst, North Carolina

Pinehurst Brewing Company

Railhouse Brewery

Southern Pines Brewing Company

Our 4th recommended space returns us to the upper midwest. Northern Michigan feels, unlike the USA, for a fair number of reasons. You are north, for sure, and you feel like you've entered Canada or the Scottish highlands. Traverse City and its environs are home to high-end resorts and homebaked courses. You'll find courses by champion golfers like Nicklaus, Palmer, and Weiskopf, along with famed area architects. More than any other area in this blog, Traverse City has it going on when it comes to craft breweries.

Traverse City, Michigan

Right Brain Brewery 

The Filling Station Microbrewery

Monkey Fist Brewing Company 

Our final stop takes us to the Republic of Texas. Austin is the hip, diverse, hill capital of the Lone Star state, and its golf and beer add to the diversity. In addition to the being the hometown of short game guru Dave Pelz, Austin is inundated with golf. Munis? Check. semi-private? Got'em. Country Club for a day? Indeed. Its breweries are the recipients of numerous local and regional awards for their forays into the science of quaffology. On that flavorful note, enjoy your trips, your golf, and your beers! 

Austin, Texas

Austin Beer Garden Brewing Company
Jester King
St. Elmo Brewing



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