California Mission Trail ... with Golf! Stage One

The California mission trail stretches from San Diego in the south to Sonoma in the North. Their findings took place over a 54-year period (1769 to 1823) and a total 21 historic sites. The architecture of the day is preserved, offering a glimpse of the history of the region that would become the 31st state. Today, these outposts pair well with other area attractions, including wineries, beaches and, of course, golf. As we travel from north to south, join us along our trace as we feature a worthwhile golf course near each stop across this expansive network of historical sites.


San Francisco Solano (Sonoma)

Golf Course: Rooster Run Golf Course

Restaurant: The Habit Burger Grill

Affordable Abode: Petaluma


San Rafael (San Rafael)

Golf Course: Peacock Gap Golf Course

Restaurant: Sol Food

Affordable Abode: San Rafael



San Francisco de Asis (San Francisco)

Golf Course: Presidio Golf Course

Restaurant: Chapeau!

Affordable Abode: San Francisco


San Jose (Fremont)

Golf Course: San Jose Muni

Restaurant: The Kebab Shop

Affordable Abode: Fremont


Santa Clara de Asis (Santa Clara)

 Golf Course: Sunken Gardens Golf Course

Restaurant: Sakoon

Affordable Abode: Santa Clara


Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz)

Golf Course: Pasatiempo

Restaurant: Lillian's Italian Kitchen

Affordable Abode: Santa Cruz


San Juan Bautista (San Juan Bautista)

Golf Course: San Juan Oaks

Restaurant: Grillin & Chillin

Affordable Abode: San Juan Bautista




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Written by Ronald Montesano

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