Roller Coasters and Rolling Fairways

I won't lie about being terrified of roller coasters. Fortunately, you aren't! Some of the scariest, most exciting coasters in the USA have great golf nearby. If sweet and salty, or sweet and sour, go together, why shouldn't the exhilaration of an upside-down, g-force assault match compatibly with a stroll around fine links? Here's our list of a half-dozen coasters with great golf nearby.

#6-SkyScreamer at Darien Lake

Technically it's not a roller coaster, but as the tallest ride in New York state, we're waving the coaster requirement. 24 stories in the sky, 35 miles per hour, that's a lotta thrill. Come swing with them.

As Darien Lake sits between Rochester and Buffalo, it's our duty to offer you two great courses, one in either directtion If you head toward Rochester, stop in at Mill Creek. On your way toward Buffalo? Head for the Links at Ivy Ridge in Akron. One of the first courses to open during Buffalo's millennial golf renaissance, Ivy Ridge moves across sweeping farmland, with a stock of par fours that rivals any in the area.


#5-Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure

How do you like a straight drop out of the sky? What if we throw in a twist? Now you begin to understand Kingda Ka. You take off like a rocket, hit your first twist on the vertical climb up, then the leap of faith with a spiral seals the deal. Have a look. 

Cream Ridge, Gambler Ridge, and Hanover are a solid trio of public-access courses that won't ask you to drive too far from the park. New Jersey is a golf-crazy state, so chicks with sticks and men with mashies will get their fill of great rounds.



#4-Time Traveler at Silver Dollar City

They split hairs when describing roller coasters, don't ya know? Complete-circuit and spinning at once? Well, this is the tallest, fastest and steepest, complete-circuit, spinning coaster in the world. It takes you through loops, curves, drops, and climbs, and the entire time, your four-person buggy spins around and around. Have a loop with us.

Branson has situated itself as the latest family destination, and that plan includes plenty of golf. Branson Hills, Big Cedar Lodge, and Stonebridge stand out for all that they offer, from challenging golf to memorable dining and clubhouse space.


#3-Aftershock at Silverwood

Two rides for the prices of one. The first round of aftershocks takes you forward, through twists, turns, lurches and jars. At the moment you think it's over, you repeat the entire experience, backward. In other words, coming or going, you'll still have an aftershock. Have a look.

The famous Couer d'Alene resort and its movable, island green, is not far from Silverwood. Also in the region, with not nearly as dear a green fee, are Twin Lakes and Avondale.



#2-Excalibur at Funtown/Splashtown

Did you think we would create a list without a wooden coaster? Golf has its persimmon woods, and coaster history has its wooden frames. The Excalibur at Maine's Funtown Park is an absolute throwback, so throw your head back and have some wooden thrills.

This may be the best-situated park of all on this list, for golf that is. South of Portland, and north of Kennebunkport, old-school favorites like Webhannet and Cape Arundel await to the south, while newer builds like Dunegrass and Salmon Falls sit northward.


#1-Adrenaline Peak at Oaks Park

Finish this tour with a Pepto-Pink coaster on the west coast. Adrenaline Peak is somewhere between pink lace and orchid, but you'll swear the entire track is the same color as Pepto-Bismal. Actually, you might need some after riding this racer. No matter, you're an expert by now. Congratulations!

Eastmoreland is five minutes walking from the park, in case you're not feeling the Lyft or Uber. Outside of the city, Red Tail lies near Beaverton, and is a complete golf facility, for every facet of your game.



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Written by Ronald Montesano

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