Doubles Golf Debuts!

The western New York PGA will roll out a unique format for team golf in June of 2020. OnCore Golf is on board the Doubles Golf express, as one of two Presenting Partners of this Western New York PGA initiative. Recently, we exchanged emails with Steve Bartkowski (Executive Director) and Clementina Rodriguez (Player Development Coordinator) to get a sense of the Ws of Doubles Golf.

Mr. Bartkowski gets things started with a fine introduction to the concept, which originated with the PGA Junior League. He then hands the tee over to Ms. Rodriguez, who handles our first four questions. We were so impressed with their ideas, that we will have them back again soon with a second run of questions. 

SB: The whole concept is to bring more millennials, couples and first time golfers into the game in a fun environment.  9-holes, shorter yardages and relaxed rules.  It is the first ever golf format started in the United States and backed and it is also backed by Mr. Jack Nicklaus.  I am fortunate enough to sit on the Doubles Golf national organizing committee and we feel this will really make a huge impact in "FUN" which is what we believe to be an underutilized asset of the game of golf. Look for more details on how to join in on the new game in town this June! 


1. What is the premise for Doubles Golf; as in, how does the competition work?

CR: Doubles Golf® is a 2-player scramble format. Any and all nine-hole rounds played by a team in the Doubles Golf® format should be posted to the Doubles Golf scoring app. This includes competitive and recreational rounds. Doubles Golf® encourages the posting of rounds played in match-play events as well. The Doubles Golf scoring app allows for the registration for all Doubles Golf® teams and allows these teams to be able to post their nine-hole rounds, and receive their team ratings after three rounds are posted. These teams will be able to see where they rank at the home course, statewide and nationwide.

2. Who can join?

CR: Doubles Golf® can be played by any two players, who team up and play a two-player scramble over nine holes. Teams consisting of Men, Women, Juniors, Seniors or any combination of these can register and begin posting scores on the Doubles Golf Rating and Ranking system. 

Men’s- Any two men 25 years of age or older

Women’s - Any two women 25 years of age or older

Mixed- One man and one woman 25 years of age or older

Senior- Any two players 60 years of age or older (Senior Doubles is 60+)

3. Is it a constant venue, or is there a travel component?

CR: Teams will be able to play at any participating Doubles Golf facility but will have to choose one facility in order to play the Club Championship to qualify for the Section Championship.

4. Will doubles golf have a beyond-regular-season component?

CR: Yes! Courses with PGA Professionals are the only locations allowed to host Doubles Golf® Club Championships. These courses can host championships in four categories: Men’s, Women’s, Senior and Mixed-Doubles. The winning teams of each of these categories will be invited to the State/Section Doubles Golf® Championships.  The winning teams in each of the four categories, from each of the Section Championships, will qualify for the 2020 US Doubles Golf® Am Championship which will be held at The Bear’s Club in Jupiter, Florida, in the fall of 2020.  

As soon as a team is registered, they can post scores all year.  Even if they don't do a club championship, posting scores is encouraged so teams can see their rating and ranking, and how they stack up against other DG teams at their club, state, and nationally.

Written by Ronald Montesano

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