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OnCore has experienced a whirlwind the past few years - filled with a ton of incredible ups and the occasional down!  The real starting point came with the launch of the ELIXR tour ball in spring of 2017.  It was our first attempt at creating a world class tour ball that outperformed all the others on the market.  We knew that we had to be true to our focus on real innovation – not marketing hype – as the means to create a "best in class" golf ball.   Our engineers knew they were facing a serious challenge but having worked for many of the big name brands previously, where they developed many of the best balls in golf, they were confident they could create a ball that would go toe to toe with any other on the market.  What we ultimately created is an award winning tour ball, the ELIXR Golf Ball that has been accepted and praised by golfers of all skill levels. It is a ball that even caught the eye of finance icon and golf enthusiast Charles Schwab.

Over the past 6 months, Chuck has invested both his capital and his time into OnCore Golf – giving us the fuel we needed to begin to take advantage of the momentum created over the past two years.  We are sure there will be many exciting perks that come with having Charles Schwab involved and last week at Colonial in Ft. Worth Texas, we experienced one of them.  We flew down to meet with Charles and his long-time friend and huge OnCore Golf and ELIXR fan, Al Geiberger…aka Mr. 59.  Al was Chuck’s playing partner at the Schwab Challenge ProAm event along with Justin Rose, Joel Dahmen and a couple of others.  We enjoyed being behind the ropes and walking alongside them where we got to see these legends hitting our golf ball in front of hundreds of fellow golf fans that came to Ft. Worth.

It was incredible to see the excitement of fans who grew up watching Al Geiberger run up to him in between holes telling stories of recalling his historic round at another course named Colonial in Memphis, Tennessee. We would hear people whisper “that’s Charles Schwab” as if in disbelief that someone who has reached such a high level of success was standing right in front of them. The weather was beautiful, the course was beautiful, and the experience of walking with legends that are part of Team OnCore but also being able to meet several of the top players on the PGA Tour was unforgettable.
Although OnCore has been in business for 7 years, with the momentum of everything happening now, it feels as if this is just the beginning and we’re truly just getting started!



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Written by Steve Coulton

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