OnCore Golf x G&E Magazine: GENiUS BALL

Recently, our CEO and Chairman of OnCore Golf, Keith Blakely made an appearance on the G&E Magazine Podcast Show. Ryan Walker, Founder & Editor-in-Chief of G&E Magazine asked Keith a multitude of questions about the upbringing of OnCore Golf. In addition, he discussed the creation of the many products that make us who we are at OnCore, such as the first ever hollow metal core ball, the Avant, ELIXR, and the upcoming GENiUS Ball.


A: Keith worked with an engineer by the name of Doug at his previous job. Doug had patented a hollow core metal golf ball but did not have the money to make it. Keith and Doug worked on it with a little financial guidance of his own and the ball was eventually created. Bret Blakely (Keith's son) and Steve Coulton (friend of Bret's) both started to run the business at OnCore. The three-man team took off to the races in 2011, developing a "Blue Ocean Strategy company," paving their own path in a large golf industry. It has been a "Startup company for 5 years and now is an overnight success."



A: A group trying to replicate Top Golf approached Keith. Top Golf has balls that contain radio frequency identification chips. When hit through a sensor into a bay, it tracks your points. Several companies wanted to create their own version of Top Golf with a ball that would fly more like a real golf ball. "We would receive inquiries of golfers saying that they hit our golf balls in the woods, you should put a GPS chip in it so we can find it.'" Keith also said, "We had a building block that can house a GPS chip and massive amounts of data that can go inside of a golf ball, with hollow core technology from the Caliber." Soon after the GENiUS Ball became a reality and it is now in the development process. "From the outside, you can't tell there is an electronic chip in it (the GENiUS Ball) when you hit it, it doesn't feel or sound like there are any electronics in it… all of the data will be there from day to day and week to week to understand the players game other than their trackman or driving range."


A: "First of all, it won't be able to relate any data back from the club, but all characteristics of the ball (Spin rate, time and distance of roll, carry height apex, GPS location +- 1ft, and more) will be measured… the data will be reported in real-time to a cloud and can be accessed through a mobile device on their game…other than hitting it into a water hazard, you will be able to find it." 


"The cost to manufacture the ball is clearly different from what a normal golf ball would cost...we are embedding a small computer into a golf ball and that doesn't come at no cost…cost and price are different things." Keith also stated that, "Third parties can monetize the business." This leads OnCore in partnering with other companies in the growth of innovation with the technological advances of the GENiUS Ball. Recently this is proven to come true with OnCore partnering with vGolf. vGolf will be implementing their mixed reality glasses into the power of the GENiUS Ball. While playing with both the GENiUS Ball and vGolf's glasses the golfer will be able to watch their shot tracer at the same time as getting real-time analytics from our ball. This is creating a whole new experience for golfers, taking "Golf on Steroids." The Genius Ball is the start of where the technology industry and electronics meet the golf industry.


"OnCore is committed to the technology and innovation that is consistent to what the golf world wants…we are doing things in our golf ball business that gives players an advantage…we will keep innovating…we do not want people to think OnCore is just a 'flash in a pan startup' but think of us as a technology company and an innovator, doing things that will have us in the game of golf for years and years to come." As the great Winston Churchill said, "Never give up." And as a small business in a large sea of the golf industry, we will never give up on delivering quality, innovative products that will continue to be game-changing and disruptive.

Written by Bold Commerce Collaborator

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