Why Gary Player Made The Switch

Gary Player, 9 time major champion winner, including 3 Masters wins, plays the ELIXR tour ball because he believes it is hand's down the best all-around golf ball from tee to green.

The ELIXR’s perimeter-weighted design gives you more forgiveness and more confidence on every shot!

Mr. Player fell in love with the touch provided by the ELIXR, saying "The most important thing about a ball is it having a good feel and what makes this ball so impressive is it has the greatest feel, better than any ball I have used in 65 years as a pro, whether it's on a drive, a chip, or a putt."

We at OnCore are committed to giving golfers an edge, with our dedication to innovation and disruption. We are thrilled to have a golf legend such as Gary Player endorse our company and the ELIXR golf ball. It has been a journey over the years and Mr. Player joining the OnCore family is an incredible chapter in our shared history. 

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Thanks to all of our loyal customer and fans for supporting us at every turn! 


Steve Coulton 

Team OnCore,




Written by Steve Coulton

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