Gary Woodland Wins US Open

       Talk about polarizing moments in golf, Gary Woodland has often been known as the guy who makes it to the majors but faulters during them. Gary’s all-time career stats going into the open were 0 and 7 for tournaments. He had not only never won a major, but he had never won on the PGA tour period. In fact, many people if asked who Gary was did not know him. That is, before the Waste Management Open this year, where Gary was filmed welcoming special Olympian Amy Bockerstette to the famed golf course. Amy has Down’s Syndrome but she doesn’t let that define her as a person, nor did Gary. Following the tragic loss of one of his children Gary had every right to not want to interact with Amy. However, he did and what came next racked up the most views of any golf channel video ever released; More than the greats and the likes of Tiger Woods, Rory Mcilroy, Gary Player, etc…

It truly was something special to watch and Gary mentioned that it gave him a new lease and perspective on life. Fast forward a few months and Gary was getting ready to go into the US Open. With the support of Amy, and his family and friends he was ready to give it his all; and that he did. With a mid-round charge up the leader board both Friday and Saturday, Gary was going into the final day with a good lead. He played confidently and didn’t let the likes of Brooks Koepka faze him. Gary more than held his own and that led him to win with a three-shot lead. Gary showed the world what a big guy with a big heart is capable of and he most certainly has proved everyone who thought he couldn’t win wrong. We wish him the best of luck in his tournaments to come and we are most certainly excited to see him play again.



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Written by Conall Krabak

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