Get Fit at the OnCore Gym

So many layers to golf balls and we do mean layers. What's on top, and what lies beneath the cover, can have your head spinning faster than an OnCore Elixr. When your golf buddies finish discussing everything from drivers to irons to putters, they start in on your golf ball of choice. 

It makes you think, doesn't it? Why DID I choose that ball? Why not the other model? How should I select the ball that best supports my swing and my goals? A lot of questions, so let's suit up and get fit at the OnCore golf ball gym. We asked John Calabria, senior technical adviser at OnCore, for his fitting plan. As always, he came through like a boss. Have a read.


First of all, the golf ball is the one piece of equipment used for every shot. Therefore, it should perform as needed for those specific shots.  However, for most of us (the average golfer), we need to find out how to make a score with a ball and that happens on and around the greens since we miss more than half the greens.  Thus the need to have a ball that helps you do that.  Find a ball that fits your game around the greens.  Namely, can you get up and down with a pitch or chip from most lies? Does the ball spin when struck or release?  After that, work backward towards the tee, starting with irons, so the ball gives the appropriate distance from the fairway to the green and is capable of holding the green.  Finally, look at your needs off the tee.  Do you need a low spinning ball to minimize side spin and provide a reasonable distance?  Don't forget that it is relatively easy to fit a driver to a ball when the driver and shaft are adjustable.  

Let's break that down!

What is your claim to fame? Are you a long driver of the ball? Do you get up and down from a jail cell?  Can you hit 14 of 14 fairways off the tee, 90% of greens in regulation, or both? Figuring out your strengths allows you to choose the type of ball (high vs. low spin, softcover vs. firm cover, 4-layers vs. 3 vs. 2) that complements those attributes. Most important, don't be afraid to switch things up, based on wind, temperature, and course firmness.

Feeling fit? When it comes to golf balls, you're sporting six-pack abs, my friend!



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Written by Ronald Montesano

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