Why get fit for a golf ball?

Most of you are more than likely familiar with getting fit for golf clubs, but for a ball? You may second guess that and we are are here to tell you it is a good idea to experiment with your balls, golf balls that is!

Why? Consider the golf ball is the only piece of equipment you use on every shot throughout the round. Your putter would be a close second, required on almost every hole. Most good fitters are now incorporating a golf ball fitting into their offerings. Why? If you find a better ball, better flight, better feel, better distance, your game will thank you, that much is obvious.

Our engineers recommend starting with pitch shots around the green and working back to full wedge, mid iron, all the way up to driver on the tee. Take our ball fitting, find a ball that fits your game, and watch your confidence go up and your scores go down. 

New customers can take the fitting and get a trial sleeve offer for $3.99, not a bad deal for a ball fit just for you! Tee it high and let it fly. 

Get a Ball Fitting from OnCore Golf.


Written by Steve Coulton

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