Golf books that will make time away from golf worthwhile: short game instruction

During our time away from public interaction, it can be a challenge to connect with a game that is equal parts outdoors and interactive. WHERE we play and WITH WHOM we play are equally important. At OnCore Golf, we find ourselves rereading golf books on our shelves and, when we've finished them all, we order more golf books online! Whether AbeBooks or Amazon fits the bill, new and used books are available for prompt delivery.

Our third listing of books that you might wish to order, looks at the short game. This is the part of your golf game where you can improve quickest. Bunker play, pitching, chipping, and putting are unique to themselves, but all share common elements of touch and artistry. The instructors that contributed wisdom and lessons to these books, will remake your game by the time you turn the final page.


Dave Pelz's Short Game Bible

Combine NASA with 22-time loser to Jack Nicklaus (Indiana U. vs. The Ohio State) and you get the most important short game scientist that golf has known (apologies to all earlier, short-game gurus.) Beginning with Tom "The Wedge: Sieckmann and Tom Kite (#SomethingAboutTom) Pelz established himself as a guy who knew something that the rest of the PGA Tour did not know. The science behind the Pelz system is irrefutable, so even if all that one does is adopt a portion of what he is preaching, the usual foursome will never be the same again.  


Stan Utley: The Art of the Short Game

There are two important "Mr. Utley" in pop culture. The first is Michael Utley, one of Jimmy Buffet's Coral Reefers (reference at 1:47 in the song "Volcano"); the second is Stanley Francis Utley, who is more pertinent to our story. Utley, a Missourian by birth and trade, transitioned from darned-successful (1 PGA and 3 Korn Ferry wins) touring professional, to very successful, short-game tutor.

Phil Mickelson: Secrets of the Short Game

You might know him as the guy "hitting bombs," but make no mistake: Philip Alfred Mickelson ranks as one of the all-time greats with the wedge in his hand. Phil got himself into more golf-course trouble than any 5-time major champion ever has, past and present. Had he not, he would have won 10 majors. Be that as it may, he is (and will always be) Phil The Thrill. The shots that Mickelson presents, explains, and encourages in his tome, will make golf exciting for the rest of your playing days. Try the super-flop, or any of the other techniques that he espouses. You'll go home happy, because when the pressure was on, you went for the gold standard.

Dave Pelz's Putting Bible

See above, but with putting.

Written by Ronald Montesano

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