Growth of Technology in Golf

Golf originated in Scotland back in the 15th century. Since then, equipment technology has been constantly evolving and improving. Legend has it that people would hit pebbles into the sand dunes of Scotland with a bent stick or "club." One of the first golf balls created, back in 1618, was the featherie - handcrafted and made with goose feathers that had an outer layer of leather-like material. The ball flight and performance was limited with this technology, but it was a breakthrough at the time. Fast-forward 400 years to 2018 and we can truly be amazed at how many advancements have been made with golf ball technology.

Feathery golf ball

Elixr ball


OnCore Golf's tour ball and 2017 Golf Digest Hot List Award Winner, the ELIXR possesses just a few improvements over the featherie!  Uniquely designed for exceptional player performance, the ELIXR is a three-piece construction with an exceptionally "hot" composite core, a proprietary polymer mantle infused with high-density particles for enhanced "perimeter weighting" (where the force of the clubs impact shifts the moment of inertia to the exterior of the golf ball creating exceptional control and ball flight), and a premium cast urethane cover. The result is incredible performance off the tee, with irons, wedges, and on the green.  Launched in March of last year, the ELIXR is now being mass-produced to allow the general public to use the same golf balls as the professionals.

Genius golf ball


In 2018 OnCore Golf will be releasing the GENiUS Ball, a huge breakthrough for the game of golf in a multitude of ways. If you have not heard of this game-changing golf ball, let us explain why we're so excited. The GENiUS Ball will have an electronic "engine" inside with sensors, chips, and communications hardware that will give golfers real time analytics to dissect all parts of their games. Powered through an app on a mobile device, it will track the following data: spin rate, ball speed, velocity off the tee, distance and carry, height apex, GPS location within 1-foot accuracy, and more. This is the first ball of its kind and will bring together, for the first time, quantitative ball data with location information and the ability to archive and review a golfer's historical record from prior rounds.

With the growth of big data and analytics coming from golf technology companies like TrackMan, Arccos, 18Birdies, and many others, OnCore will join the list of companies recognizing and leveraging the importance of data within the game of golf. The GENiUS Ball will be a great way for players to not only track their progress regarding playing performance, but they can compete with the others in their group on every shot adding excitement to the round. We have also partnered with vGolf LLC, the creators of the "Virtual Caddy." vGolf utilizes augmented reality glasses that blends with the real world, allowing players to see their golf shot data and flight of the ball demonstrated by the GENiUS Ball as they look at their targets on the course. Combining vGolf's mixed reality technology with the data generated by the GENiUS Ball, we firmly believe that an entirely new golf experience will be possible.

OnCore Golf has already changed the game of golf - introducing patented and breakthrough technologies in the design of high performance golf balls that led to the USGA modifying the Rules of Golf for only the second time in nearly a century with respect to golf ball construction.  Our team's steadfast goal is to always keep things fresh and interesting as we move forward in the journey of producing new innovative products.

Come visit us in booth # 917 at the upcoming PGA Show January 24 - January 26; our team would love to answer any questions you have on any of our products or our plans.

Written by Argyle Team
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