Incredible Golf Course Locations

Your local municipal golf course, heck, your area country club, has nothing on the courses we've uncovered across America. After playing any of these layouts, around the corner will be forever mundane. Sorry to break your heart, but the USA is possessed of some layouts that defy explanation. Drooling yet? Let's go!



Golf inside a prison

The Louisiana State Penitentiary has a golf course on its grounds. It is used to give employees a place for recreational decompression, and for inmates to rehabilitate and learn a trade. If you feel like you're being watched while playing there, well ...

Prison View


Golf inside a racetrack

America's race, the Indianapolis 500, takes place around and adjacent to, a golf course. Four holes lie inside the famous oval, with the remaining 14 traces to the eastern side. They say that putts are pretty fast there ...

Brickyard Crossing


Golf on a superfund site

One of the most gratifying aspects of golf is the reclamation of poisoned land for our sport. Old Works, in Anaconda, Montana, sits on the site of an old copper smelting plant. No truth to the rumor that you incur a 2-stroke penalty if you mark your ball with a penny ...

Old Works


Golf in an inferno

The lowest golf course in the world, relative to sea level, Death Valley in California can get pretty hot at certain times. Matches here can make you sweat when they turn up the heat ... 

Furnace Creek Ranch


Golf in a mask

Dick "The Destroyer" Beyer passed away in March of this year. His wrestling career, emblemized by his mask, made him quite famous in Japan. It was there that he learned of Park Golf, and he brought the Japanese tradition to western New York. In preparation for around here, shop around for a cool mask of your own, as a tribute to the gentle giant ...

Destroyer Park Golf



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Written by Ronald Montesano

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