Interview with Armana Chanel

 Below is a recent interview conducted with golf professional Armana Chanel Christianson 

How did you get your start in golf?

I started playing when I was 13 years old, kind of late in the pro golf world I think. I played every other sport leading up to golf and it was just supposed to be a fun thing that my family picked up on the weekends. Turns out, I was pretty good at golf! The next year I started competing in high school.


Do you work with an instructor? Who and why?

I currently work with my Dad! Just occasionally anymore. I've learned a lot about the golf swing over the last several years from not only him but watching other instructors and reading. Most of the time I can work on my own swing and analyze myself. My Dad started teaching a couple years ago after we had a hard time finding an instructor for me that meshed well. Now he teaches all kinds of students!


Where do you play?

I currently play on the Cactus Tour, I'm a member of the Women's All Pro Tour and the Symetra Tour. This year I'll also play LPGA Monday Qualifiers to have my shot at competing on the big stage!


What is your dreams on and off the course?

Dreams on the golf course? Always the LPGA. Everything I do is to help move me closer to that goal. From fitness to mental game coaching, swing tweaks and being picky about my schedule. Off the golf course is a tough one because golf is life, right? Right now, off the golf course my dreams would consist of someday owning a home in Arizona and taking some trips that maybe aren't golf related. 


What are some golf technologies that don’t exist today that you would like to see?

Golf tech that doesn't exist today but I'd like to see, interesting! I think that a lot of people put a lot of emphasis on equipment when it comes to golf tech. It would be cool to see stuff come out that had to deal more with the mind. Something that has to do with how we learn course management or even how to control emotions more consistently. That last one is becoming more common I think. I've worked with a Focus Band before and that is really how the game is going to be trending. 


What sold you on ELIXR?

I am so particular about my equipment. The more you know, the harder it can be to change and if you do change, it really has to be for good reason. I was able to test the ELIXR on a monitor first which was great. Not only could I feel the ball but I had live numbers to show me that with the ELIXR I had a good amount of back spin on the ball and low side spin. The other thing that I really liked about the ELIXR is how it felt on impact. It has a soft feeling but still pops off the club face! Perfect for me. Especially around the greens. 


Whats in the bag?

I should do a whole video about what's in the bag, I get this question all the time! I'm currently playing a full Callaway bag, minus the putter. I have the Rogue Driver, Epic 15 and 18 Degree Woods, Big Bertha 4 Hybrid and the new Apex 19 irons 5 through Pitching Wedge. Then I have the Mack Daddy 4 60, 56 and 52 Degree wedges. My putter is the Scotty Cameron M1. To top it all off, I have the Golf Iconic head covers to tie together the whole set.


What do you think of the new USGA rules?

There's good and bad. For instance, keeping the pin in has been actually really fun to play with. Outside of 10 feet, you can pretty much bet I'm keeping the pin in. I've already had to use the knee-high drop and it's really weird. Not a huge fan of that one. And of course there's plenty of controversy over things like the caddy behind the player rule. I stopped having my caddy stand behind me last year so it wasn't as hard to transition this year. I think in a year there won't be as much conversation about it all. 


Who is your favorite player, guy or gal on tour and why?

I have a few players that I like to keep an eye out for on the leaderboards. On the women's side, I really enjoy watching Lexi Thompson. I think she seems like a genuinely nice and real person, besides the fact that she has a killer game. She does a lot of work with our military and she often reaches out to the junior girls that follow her. I also feel that Lexi has handled herself extremely well over the last couple years starting with her controversial loss at the ANA Inspiration. Someone that I would hope to mimic on those situations. 

As far as the men on tour, there are so many up-and-comers but I'm a Tiger fan always. I just always had a feeling he was going to come back and I hoped he did. No matter what he's done personally, he's one of the greatest golfers ever and he's changed the game for the better. I love seeing him in the hunt!


Written by Steve Coulton

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