The Swingman - A Quick-Six Interview with Jeremy Nowak
The next time you find yourself at a dome in western New York, or a driving range, or a golf course, and you hear a collision that sound like a train eviscerating a mountain, don't worry. It's not a train, and it's not a mountain. It is probably a young man named Jeremy Nowak, who makes a living pulverizing golf balls. In addition to his expertise with the long club, he is OnCore Golf's newest, sponsored ambassador. We caught up with Jeremy, post-workout, and found time for a Quick-Six interview. We'd like to introduce you to hometown product Jeremy Nowak.
1. Tell us your name, where you're from, and anything else we might like to know about you.
My name is Jeremy Nowak, I’m from Cheektowaga NY.  I was drafted by the Baltimore Orioles in 2010 and played 6 years of professional baseball.  I am known as “The Swingman” on social media, and I am starting my first full season of World Long Drive after finishing in the top 32 in the world in 2019.
2. What dream are you chasing, that brought your to OnCore Golf?
To become #1 World Long Driver and introducing a new proven way to drive a golf ball further with “The Nowak Step”.  Being a Buffalo native, I felt it was only fitting to reach out to OnCore Golf about a partnership.  After meeting the team, we all had very similar aspirations regarding their business, as well as my social media platform, and my place in world long drive.  It’s a relation ship we can help each other grow.
3. What is your role with OnCore Golf, and what do you look forward to doing with the company?
My role is to help spread the word about what OnCore golf has to offer.  The golf ball industry has its big players, and has names that people have become accustomed to.  OnCore golf balls are built differently than your top brand golf balls, but can outperform the competition.  In terms of my path to becoming the world long drive champion, I am doing it differently than any other successful competitor has.  My swing is far from ordinary, but produces results that has put me on the map as a serious competitor with zero training.  I am looking forward to representing a great Buffalo company, and making some great content in the season ahead.
4. Tell us about your training regimen, and which aspects you consider most important.

5 days a week, My normal training day consists of:
-Going to The Dome driving range
-10 minutes of band warmups and stretching 
-Warm up swings with Orange Whip trainer
-7 irons until I hit 240+yards on Flight Scope simulator
-4 Irons until I hit 290+ yards
-3 wood until I hit 130+ mph club head speed and 190mph+ ball speed
-Play driver normal swing
-Long driver normal swing until I am 140+mph club head speed and 205+ mph ball speed
-Long Driver with “The Nowak Step” for rest of day with simulated 6-ball sets to finish

Then, I head to the gym

-Depending on the day, and time during the off-season, typically 4 days on and 1 day off
-Workouts are separated into body groups
-I like to mix explosive workouts into my workout routine
-15 minute stretching at the end of each workout 

Consistency in my training program as a whole is the most important part of my training. I don’t really have 1 specific part of my training process that I consider the “most”important out of all of them.

5. What do most golfers do (or fail to do) that restricts their distance off the tee?

I think the most common thing is a lack of commitment on the take-away to the top of their load.  A lot of golfers are too concerned about squaring up the club face, that they never come close to the max point of where their club sets.  If we allow ourselves more room to accelerate, the faster our swing will be.
6. Give our community one tip to work on this season, that you know will help them go longer off the tee.
Spend time on the range swinging a driver as hard as you can, and let go of accuracy for a short time.Make sure you do it when you are fully warmed up, and only do it for 15-25 swings.  This will help you train your fast-twitch muscles, which ultimately will help mold that into your everyday swing.
Written by Amit Mehra

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