Meet the NOMADS, one of OnCore Golf's favorite golf societies

The Nomads are exactly what their name suggests, out of choice, rather than necessity these days. The Nomads are one of the oldest private golf clubs int the country spanning 70 years of tradition. The club gathers for one week each year, to compete, collaborate, catch up, and commiserate. This group of entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, and success stories is a 70-member fraternity, forged in the fires of racism and bonded by a common thread of resilience and grit.

The Nomads were founded in 1950, and included among early members the United States Olympian Jesse Owens. Much as Mr. Owens did in Berlin, in 1936, members of the Nomads have spent a lifetime breaking barriers. As educated men of means, they were acutely aware of how the color of their skin was an unavoidable barrier to acceptance in certain circles and clubs. After decades of advancement in race relations, today's Nomads take special pleasure in their reception at resorts and clubs that were once considered off-limits.

In 2019, OnCore Golf co-founder Bret Blakely and partner Nasser Sutherland traveled to British Columbia to the Nomads' annual celebration. In Mr. Blakely's words, “OnCore Golf was the first-ever corporate sponsor of the Nomads. More importantly, it was the relationship we developed with all of the incredible gentleman that represent the Nomads, that made it such a special few days. It didn’t hurt that one of them got a hole in one with our golf ball!”


Blakely and Sutherland learned there that the platoon had plans to celebrate their 2020 reunion in New York state, at the Turning Stone casino resort, near Utica. Blakely pitched a stop in Buffalo, a tour of the OnCore offices and facilities, and a round or two in the Queen City of #BuffaLove. The brotherhood swiftly agreed, so expect their arrival (when else?) in late July. After their time in town, the brigade will move down I-90, to Turning Stone.


Written by Amit Mehra

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