OnCore @ CES

You may be scratching your head wondering why a golf ball technology company is attending the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)? It is a valid question and one that requires some explaining on our part. But first, let us step back and provide the context around some big picture technology dynamics and how they will shape the future of golf and OnCore. Maybe you have heard the buzz words, Internet of Things (IoT) and AI revolution, and wondered how this might effect your golf game? (See our last post on AI in Golf for more)

The IoT is accelerating in the world of sports by connecting athletes and their equipment to our best friend "the Internet". One can reasonably argue why do we need our shirts broadcasting bluetooth? Others may say why not? Both sides make fair points, but consider for instance the bio-metric, real time feedback of your heart rate, might be giving your coach and team a slight performance advantage. Moneyball ring a bell for anyone? Gaining an edge in sports, no matter how small, can make the difference between winning and loosing. 

It turns out OnCore’s patented hollow core golf ball design, gives us an unfair advantage in the IoT space. Our unique hollow core architecture allows us to protect the micro electronics embedded in the ball, which will give you all your shot data after it’s hit on the course, delivered right to your smart phone or smart glasses in real time.

OnCore & Vusix

Our Genius Ball project, briefly described above, got us an invitation to exhibit alongside VUZIX, a leader in Augmented Reality glasses. The partnership will combine the GENiUS ball and smart BLADE glasses so the golfer will get all his/her data from the shot in their glasses.  We are going full on Jetsons on you!

GENiUS Ball with VUZIX Blades

We had incredible interest in the GENiUS ball at the 2019 CES show and hope to have the ball ready to purchase in late summer of this year.

Here are some more great pictures from CES and we look forward to a world of driverless cars, 8k TV's, 5G networks and all the other exciting technology in the works :) 


Flying Drone

Driverless Car

Mercedes Concept Car

Written by Steve Coulton

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