OnCore's ELIXR in the Wind

A professional basketball court is always 94 by 50 feet. A tennis court is 78 by 27 feet. An Olympic-size swimming pool is 164 feet in length. But a dimension never defines a golf course. With every shot in golf comes a different look and no golf course is the same. Golf being an outdoors sport also relies on a great amount of respect towards Mother Nature. Wind and precipitation can turn on a dime and it varies throughout the entire world in which the sport is performed. Golfers need to gain knowledge of the weather in relation to the equipment they are using to maximize their performance. At OnCore Golf, we want to make sure the golf community truly understands the value of our award winning tour ball, the ELIXR, in respect to the variety of wind conditions throughout the world.

A player's performance can significantly be enhanced if the aerodynamic behavior and mechanics of the golf ball are understood. Golf balls moving through the air once struck experiences two major aerodynamic forces, lift and drag. This heavily affects the spin rate and trajectory. Second, backspin is generated from the dimples of the ball, which the dimples generate lift by deforming airflow around the ball. It is similar to an airplane's wing and flaps. If the flaps of an airplane were not deployed to a certain degree on takeoff, the plane would not get very far off the ground. Same with the golf ball, if it did not have dimples the ball would barely go past the tee box. The Golf Digest Hot List Winner, the ELIXR, is made up of a composite core with a proprietary polymer mantle infused with high-density particles for enhanced "perimeter weighting" (where the force of the clubs impact shifts the moment of inertia to the exterior of the golf ball creating exceptional control and ball flight), and a premium cast urethane cover with 318 dimples that are circular in shape.

When the clubface makes impact with the ELIXR, the high-density particles in the mantle of the ball disperse its weight evenly, allowing for a straighter ball flight. It is an advantage not seen in some of the leading tour balls in the golf industry. From independent data, the circular dimple design and perimeter weighting combination make this ball superior. At OnCore we have been in contact with golfers who play in the junior rankings, college levels, web.com and professional tours about the ELIXR. They all seem to have one thing in common; the ELIXR is "Incredible in the wind." OnCore's Director of Business and Player Development, Brian McGahey, said, "The ELIXR has outperformed the best there is or was… Nothing has bored through the wind quite like this ball." The ELIXR has outstanding control and accuracy from tee to green. Giving players the confidence they need and deserve, even in the windiest of conditions.

In closing, to get the full experience dialing in your golf game and learn from your mistakes, you have to spend time on a real golf course and play in real weather conditions. The ELIXR will speak for itself when you hit it under the windiest of conditions and it is not afraid of whatever Mother Nature has up her sleeve. From OnCore Golf to you we would like to share a tip from one of the top golf instructors of our generation, Butch Harman. On windy days he says, "Fight the urge to swing hard… take more club and swing easy." For some people they feel by swinging out of their shoes will allow them to reach the yardage they want easily. In actuality, by swinging harder results in more spin of the ball, which will only make it go higher against the wind and it will lose yardage. Keep the ball low by putting the ball back in your stance, take an extra club or two and make a smooth solid contact with the ELIXR and let the ball do the work.

For more information on the ELIXR, visit our website at oncoregolf.com.

Written by Bold Commerce Collaborator

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