OnCore Golf and Golf Boost Partner to Develop Revolutionary for Golf Instruction

The team here at OnCore Golf is proud to announce our partnership with Golf Boost, a pioneer in artificial intelligence (AI) body recognition technology, to develop golf-lesson instructional tools and analytics platforms.


Golf Boost is a technology startup focused on developing its patented proprietary AI body recognition technology that analyzes a golf swing in seconds without human interface.  Features of the Golf Boost app include proprietary video recognition technology identifies body positions, instant video feedback and swing analysis, along with engaging social network where users can share and track their progress with other golfers.

"Over the past several years, OnCore has expanded beyond its original offering of world-class golf balls with the introduction of cutting-edge technologies and experiences to bring a new level of enjoyment and satisfaction to the game and to golfers,” stated OnCore CEO Kieth Blakely. “After seeing the potential impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices, cloud-based storage and data processing, and incredible powerful and sophisticated smartphones with exceptional video capabilities, we felt that an integration of these could dramatically impact golf instruction. We believe our partnership with Golf Boost perfectly complements that vision.”

"We are thrilled to partner with OnCore and bring an entirely new dynamic to the golf instruction space, as an extension of our broader mission to transform the way sports and movements are learned and practiced," said Golf Boost CEO, Paul Jaure. 

The partnership aligns both OnCore and Golf Boost in leading in the ongoing development of Artificial Intelligence golf lessons. It continues OnCore’s vision to deliver products, services, and technologies that will improve the performance of golfers at all stages of their development and, in doing so, bring added satisfaction and enjoyment to their journey of becoming better golfers. 

Source: PRNewswire Jan. 27, 2020 

Written by Matt Genaway

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