Why Golf is Good For Mental & Physical Health

Some swing for fun. Others swing for some good ol’ fashion exercise.
While the reason to hit the green may vary amongst players of all levels, golf is most commonly defined as a true catalyst of one’s physical and mental strength on and off the course. For those wanting to learn more about how golf enriches both mind and body, listen up.
Because this is for you.

First, Left Foot. Then, Right Foot. Repeat Until Healthy.

Walking during the average round of golf encourages healthy results. According to CaddyTrek, scientific researchers in Sweden found that walking a round of golf equated to a 40 to 70 percent intensity of a maximum aerobic workout (assuming 18 holes played). In another study, cardiologist Dr. Edward A. Plank’s study showed that golfers that walk reduced their levels of bad cholesterol while keeping their good cholesterol steady. However, the control group of golfers who rode carts during their rounds failed to show those same results.  

Stretch Yourself For A Better Game.

Walking is but one of many great ways to stay in shape while playing golf. Stretching before a round is also very important.  Most players underestimate the power and importance to stretching prior to tee off, resulting in preventable, injuries, aches, and sprains. Keep in mind that golf is a physically demanding sport; it tests every part of your body in ways you wouldn’t normally think of. Back injuries are very common with golfers, therefore the sooner you discover how to properly stretch your back and the surrounding muscles and joints, the healthier you will be in the future for protection of injury. At OnCore Golf, we want you to know that it is perfectly fine to be the unique golfer in the group on the range that is the only one stretching. Start a blue ocean strategy and dare to be different in the way you warm-up before a round. Great tools to use before your round are foam rollers to help with self-myofascial release (increasing mobility with muscles).

A great golf stretching resource https://fairwayapproach.com/golf-stretches/


A Couple Rounds Makes The Stress Go Down

Studies have shown that physical activity involved with golf in general has an overall positive impact on wellness and mental health. The activities within the game such as walking , helps decrease stress, anxiety, and can help people with depression.  Golf also releases aggression, which can be a great outlet for individuals looking for non-medicated relief for many different issues. There’s a famous saying that goes, “Golf is a stress reliever, but also the cause of my stress.” That may be the case for some, but we’re also sure that others go by the alternative saying, “A bad day golfing always beats a good day at the work.”  

Either way, golf can lead to increased levels of overall  mental wellness.

Now, let’s combine both physical and mental health and put ourselves in Tiger Woods’ shoes (Because, who doesn’t want to have the inhuman golfing skills of Tiger Woods?). Tiger Woods just recently tied for second place at the 2018 Valspar Championship at a score of 9 under. Most people doubted that he would be able to pull off almost winning a PGA Tour event after his horrific past of battling injuries. His back really took a toll the last couple years as he dealt with lumbar back spasms. Tiger Woods dealt with a mixture of emotions mentally and physically, limiting his actions of playing professional golf. By focusing and taking better care of his mental and physical health, Tiger Woods was able to bounce back so fast and put on a show once again for the millions of fans watching.  In his case, it took Tiger Woods multiple back surgeries as well as intense training with his staff of doctors and athletic trainers to get him back on track.

It’s Better to Know, Before You Go.

It is very important to consult with your doctor before you start to stretch and truly fine tune the way you prepare for a round of golf, especially if you haven't gotten onto the course in a while. Knowing your limitations puts you in a better place to achieve your goals. At OnCore Golf, we know a huge part of that comes down to the kind of golf ball you use when you get out there. That’s why we’ve worked (and will continue to work) endlessly to craft high quality golf balls that do well to enhance one’s physical and mental state, round after round. So, be sure to grab a box of AVANT, ELIXR, and CALIBER  to achieve a better game. And even better health.

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