OnCore Golf Announces Partnership with PopStroke

The Patent Pending iPuttTM Ball Rolling into Golf Soon

Buffalo-based OnCore Golf Technology, Inc., is pleased to announce that it has entered into a commercial partnership with PopStroke Holdings, LLC – a company bringing state-of-the-art designs, technology, and experiences to the golf entertainment world.  OnCore has spent the last year developing and refining a patent-pending golf ball designed exclusively for use in PopStroke’s golf entertainment putting facilities.  The iPuttTM ball incorporates electronic sensors, Bluetooth communications, an on-board chip with firmware, and a rechargeable power source that automatically counts the strokes taken on each hole and communicates the information to both a smartphone app and a leaderboard at PopStroke facilities.

“I am very excited about what our team has accomplished with respect to the integration of electronics and golf balls,” said Keith Blakely, OnCore Golf’s CEO.  “The iPuttTM ball represents a number of significant advancements in hardware and software that were necessary to ensure flawless operation.  A golf ball can move for lots of different reasons and “teaching” the ball to recognize the difference between a putt and other movements is not easy!”

OnCore’s development team is led by Doug DuFaux who is the inventor named on numerous golf ball patents including OnCore’s original hollow metal core golf balls.  Doug added: “The iPuttTM project has not only resulted in a great ball for the PopStroke facilities, but it has helped us identify ways to accelerate the completion of our GENiUS ball project.  We are excited about the possibilities that this milestone may lead to in the coming year.”

PopStroke opened its first unit in April of 2019 in Port St. Lucie, FL and has units under development in Scottsdale, AZ and Fort Myers, FL.   All current and future units will incorporate the iPuttTM golf ball, which communicates directly to the PopStroke App, creating a dynamic and competitive championship style putting environment.  PopStroke’s CEO, Greg Bartoli said: “Our objective from the outset has been to create an unmatched golf entertainment experience for our customers and our collaboration with OnCore Golf in developing the iPutt ball will greatly enhance that experience.”

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Written by Mike Bongiovanni

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