Recap of the PGA Show

They say that very few companies in the golf ball industry have ever made it past 2 appearances at the show. For OnCore Golf, this was our 4th straight year and our most exciting one to date.  If you came by booth #1751 you probably learned about our famously innovative hollow metal core technology, or maybe you learned about our new 65 compression distance ball, the Avant.  It’s possible you met Ashleigh Dopp, our Director of Fun and, if you did, she probably invited you to join our daily 5 o’clock happy hour with a DJ setting the tone and the beer flowing freely.  If you missed the show then maybe you just read about us being selected by Sports Illustrated as one of their favorite products from the show or saw that we were picked as one of the top 5 exhibitors by numerous publications.  There’s also a chance that you saw the coverage from the Golf Channel on Friday morning.   In any case, by the end of the week, the show marked the launch of an exciting, high performance, and innovative new ball, the passion of a tight knit team and a resounding statement to the industry that OnCore is here…and it is here to stay!


Written by Bold Commerce Collaborator

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