OnCore Golf Supports Our Troops

First of all, THANK YOU to all the men and women who have served and currently serve on the front lines in our military services. We truly appreciate everything you have done in your sacrifice to make sure our country is safe, and everyone can live freely in a safe environment.

OnCore is a small company, only 10 people, but we try to make an impact far beyond our size. We have always been very grateful and a huge supporter of our military men and women around the country. We believe in what we are doing, not for the publicity or sales it might generate. Last year, we sponsored the Salute Military Golf Association outing at Bethesda National, donated balls to all of the golfers, and honored the four veterans who had lost limbs during the recent conflicts with a lifetime supply of complimentary golf balls. We have sponsored a retired military air traffic controller who lost his ability to continue in the job as a result of PTSD and is trying to make a living in the competitive golf world. We are working with Bunkers for Baghdad, Helping Heroes, and other non-profit organizations to assist them in delivering both financial and non-financial support to active and retired military personnel.

Our success as a business gives us the "fuel" to continue to support and participate in these kinds of initiatives, but we don't want to "trade" on it. Our strong preference is to make these donations in a quiet way and not to seek recognition for them. Therefore, our email blast (Pictured below) was first and foremost a sincere expression of thanks to you and other servicemen and women and a "soft" suggestion to our existing and prospective customers to buy our product and both directly and indirectly help OnCore continue to engage with this wonderful community of dedicated US citizens.

Veterans day email

Again, many thanks for your service. OnCore's CEO and chairman, Keith Blakely, said, "My father-in-law, who passed several years ago, was a Navy captain during WWII and throughout the time I knew him, remained incredibly impressed at the heroism and sacrifice that his service required of him and his wife back home during his tour of duty." A simple "Thank you for your service" can go a long way to a military men or women personnel, as they went a long way for all of us to make sure America is the way it is today.

Written by Argyle Team
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