Ovations: Dave Antill

Welcome to Ovations, the OnCore Golf salute to its most loyal clientele. Many golfers from around the world have put their faith in the AVANT55, the ELIXR, or the VERO X1. We recognize their commitment to OnCore Golf with this new series of mini-views. Learn a little bit about golfers like you, and thank you for your support of OnCore Golf.

1. Who are you and where are you?

Dave Antill, Ohio

2. Where is your favorite place to play golf?

My current home club is Kinsale Golf Course/Scioto Reserve.  My favorite course played is Scioto CC in Columbus.

3. Which is your go-to OnCore ball and color?

My Go-to Oncore golf ball is the VEROX1 in White.

4. Tell us why you stay with OnCore as your golf ball?

The performance speaks for itself.  It is the most accurate ball that I have ever played, it putts better than any ball on the market, it is as long as any ball out there and bites into greens.

5. Tell us what you would say to a friend, to convince her/him to make the switch.

I don’t say anything, I hand them an OnCore golf ball and tell them to try it.

6. Tell us a story about your favorite round of golf with an OnCore ball.

It's a very interesting story.  3 years back the local sales rep for OnCore Golf in Pittsburgh asked me to try the ball.  After 3 weeks of him calling me, and me telling him that I hadn’t tried the ELIXR yet, I finally put it into play.  Shot 64 and then followed it up with a 66.  The ELIXR never left my bag until recently when I put the VERO X1 into play. I also made 4 holes in one with the ELIXR.

Written by Bold Commerce Collaborator

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