Ovations: Justus Becks

Welcome to Ovations, the OnCore Golf salute to its most loyal clientele. Many golfers from around the world have put their faith in the AVANT 55, the ELIXR, or the VERO X1. We recognize their commitment to OnCore Golf with this new series of mini-views. Learn a little bit about golfers like you, and thank you for your support of OnCore Golf.

1. Who are you and where are you?

Justus Becks, Arizona

2. Where is your favorite place to play golf?

Anywhere with green grass and blue skies!

3. Which is your go-to OnCore ball and color?

My Go to Oncore golf ball would be the Elixr in Lime Green Matte Finish. But with the VeroX1 just released that might be my next go to golf ball. Just need that one in more Neon colors or Matte finish colors.

4. Tell us why you stay with OnCore as your golf ball?

I love the straight and long flight of the Oncore golf ball. Even in high winds the ball will have penetrating ball fight. Remarkable stopping Power on the greens. And laser like accuracy while putting.

5. Tell us what you would say to a friend, to convince her/him to make the switch.

I would say try this golf ball.......I would give them a sleeve to try. Then on the very next hole they use the golf ball. They proceed to have a birdie, eagle or even inches from a hole in one. They are instantly hooked on the Oncore golf brand.

6. Tell us a story about your favorite round of golf with an OnCore ball.

House on my left. The opposite fairway on my right. 550 yard Par 5. Tee'd up my Elixr Oncore golf ball with all the confidence that ball gave me. Hit a perfect drive. A Booming drive, 320 yards straight down the fairway straight as an arrow. 230 yards left to the flag. Hit my hybrid club. It felt so good, we saw the ball bouncing on the green. Drove up to the green grabbed my putter. Couldn't find my golf ball anywhere. After about 4 minutes of searching for my ball one guy said go check the hole. BOOM BABY, my Oncore Elixr golf ball was smiling right at me. That was my favorite shot.


Written by Bold Commerce Collaborator

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