Ovations: Melissa and Fred Fahrenbruch

Welcome to Ovations, the OnCore Golf salute to its most loyal clientele. Many golfers from around the world have put their faith in the AVANT55, the ELIXR, or the VERO X1. We recognize their commitment to OnCore Golf with this new series of mini-views. Learn a little bit about golfers like you, and thank you for your support of OnCore Golf

1. Who are you and where are you?

Fred and Melissa Fahrenbruch- Southeast Region (Georgia)

2. Where is your favorite place to play golf?

We love our home course, The Georgia Club! Our other favorite courses are Harbour Town, Country Club of Hilton Head and Orange County National.

3. Which is your go-to OnCore ball and color?

Both of us love the OnCore VERO X1 in White!

4. Tell us why you stay with OnCore as your golf ball?

Melissa: "I love how the ball comes off the club and I have more control with my iron game".

Fred: "I get the distance I need, great feel on and around the green and top quality for the price"

5. Tell us what you would say to a friend, to convince her/him to make the switch.

We don't have to say a word! We have already converted several of our friends who were diehard ProVI'ers to switch. We always bring an extra sleeve when we play and share with our group. We even had one friend order before he finished his round.

6. Tell us a story about your favorite round of golf with an OnCore ball.

Fred: I shot my lowest round this year with the VERO- a 70, which is the first time I have ever broken par.

Melissa: I hit a 263 yard 3-wood with the VERO, earning the nickname "Boom Boom" from male and female members at the club..

Written by Ronald Montesano

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