Ovations: Thomas Petty

Welcome to Ovations, the OnCore Golf salute to its most loyal clientele. Many golfers from around the world have put their faith in the AVANT 55, the ELIXR, or the VERO X1. We recognize their commitment to OnCore Golf with this new series of mini-views. Learn a little bit about golfers like you, and thank you for your support of OnCore Golf.

1. Who are you and where are you?

Thomas Petty, Utah

2. Where is your favorite place to play golf?

Riverbend Golf Course (Riverton, Utah)

3. Which is your go-to OnCore ball and color?

Elixr Optic Yellow (the one you see in the photo above!)

4. Tell us why you stay with OnCore as your golf ball?

The consistency, accuracy, control on the greens and amazing distance. I also can see the optical yellow really good on clear days.

5. Tell us what you would say to a friend, to convince her/him to make the switch.

Do you want to change your game and your life? Cause this ball can do it all for half the cost of anything close to its quality.

OnCore Ovations

6. Tell us a story about your favorite round of golf with an OnCore ball.

I was playing at Cedar Hills golf course with my friend Mike and we were on the second hole and I had just hit about a 270 yard drive and was about 80 out from the pin, and I got a second shot eagle. I threw my club in the sky, running around screaming and yelling and gave my buddy a big hug. We then went up to the hole and took pictures. That was a fun day!


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