Think Twice on Playing Range and Pond Balls

WE all know those golfers, the ones who say Dude, I smoke those range balls. I mean, they almost clear the netting. No, they don't. Not even close. Or the other ones who profess I never buy new golf balls. Why waste my money? My best club is my ball retriever. Spectacular. Four for you, Glen Coco.

Here's some advice: don't steal range balls and don't use pond balls. Save your change, return some bottles and cans, and pony up for new golf balls. Who needs more than one or two reasons for this? You work hard all day, then comes league night. There's money, standing, or pride on the line. Are you going to trust that chip shot to a ball that has a stripe on it, says practice, and has been hit hundreds of times? Hope not. Are you going to putt it all on the line with a ball that spent more time underwater than Dory? Please.

We can patch you in to a conference call with our ball engineers, and they'll tell you things about ball core, dimples, compression, layers that will make you wish you had studied more in chemistry and physics. It's not that complicated. Find the ball (Elixr or Avant) that fits what you want most from a ball, then play that ball ALL THE TIME. Do you like distance? The enviable click of a well-struck iron shot? Feel around the putting green? Match your ball to your strength and your game will get better.

If you need another opinion, consider these words from John Calabria, an OnCore senior technical advisor, former PGA professional, and experienced and successful tournament competitor:

All golf balls absorb water over time to some degree.  Water degrades the core and causes the ball to slow down which affects distance.  This is not something to worry about when playing in moist conditions but applies to finding and playing lost balls that have been sitting in moisture (or a lake or pond) for some time.  Also, it is good to store golf balls in cool temperatures and low moisture conditions when possible.

The irrefutable factor gleaned from any equation that any expert provides is this: new golf balls are new. Range balls and pond balls are used to some degree, aged to some degree, and degraded to some degree. Why risk your score, your fun, on the unknown? Be more with OnCore.



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Written by Ronald Montesano

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