Slopeways? You Bet! Where to Golf - Part 2

Mountain golf often pairs with skiing and boarding. Washington, California, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico--all have terrific trails for the vertically-stoked, with dazzling golf not far off. In western New York, near the epicenter of OnCore, three resorts (Byrncliff, Holiday Valley, Peek 'n Peak) transform when the white melts into the green. Where should you travel for golf, and still preserve that sloped way feel? Here's our second look at five hot spots for golf roaming when the snow sliding takes a breather.


6. Washington

In Washington state, above Seattle, plenty of terrain-influenced golf awaits during the kinder weather. To the west, across the sound, is Golf Mountain. Eastward are Suncadia and Snoqualmie, and a bit farther, Kahler Glen. The hilliest course in the region might be Tacoma's Chambers Bay (2015 US Open site) but that's a visit for another time!


7. California

The best Cali ski golf is found near Lake Tahoe. Depending on your wallet capacity, and your willingness to drive, selections stretch from classic munis to higher-end resort experiences. If you're a walker, there are options; if you enjoy extreme, mountainous terrain, the cart paths await.


8. Utah

Snowy slopes in the morning, grassy turf in the afternoon, or reverse. From the mountains to the valley-11 months of the year, you're golfing. Paired with an exhilarating run down or across the slopes, a day of golf feels so much better. The Beehive State has loads of golf on offer, from Park City to Alta to the capital of Salt Lake.


9. Triangulo: New Mexico

Taos, Red River and Angel fire form the triangulo northeast of Albuquerque. In the winter, they form three points for dazzling skiing in the 47th state. Despite the extreme terrain, there is ample golf to be found when the snow melts away.


10. Colorado

Some of the most interesting golf in the land of Nothing without providence is found in its eastern, Chop Hills region. When it comes to the mountains, think of storied places like Aspen, Vail, Telluride, Breckenridge, and Steamboat Springs. It's quite something to look up from the fairway, to see snow sliders on the highest descents during the golf season.



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Written by Ronald Montesano

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