A Legendary Sweepstakes by OnCore Golf


Rules for entering:

The rules are as follows;

  1. Enter the contest HERE
  2. Want more chances to win? Buy gear from our sponsored partners HERE 
  3. The third and final rule is to wait for the winners to be announced September 1st



  1. Ernest Sports ES2020 Golf Launch Monitor: Ernest Sports, the leader in affordable, accurate launch monitors, is pleased to release the next crown jewel of Golf launch monitors. With more precision, enhanced doppler technology, and an onboard LCD display this launch monitor is fully functional for both indoor and outdoor simulation. Get in-depth shot statistics with the ES Golf App or play full golf simulation. Ball Data such as Total Distance and Ball Speed. Club data such as Club Path, Face Angle. These have a valuation of $12,000 each and there are 2 winners!!
  2. Club Glove Package: Club Glove has been setting the standard for years and now, you can travel like a pro with the ultimate in golf travel bags! Used by nearly every current and past Touring Player. Premium large collapsible bag (10.6 lbs) accommodates nearly any golf bag and up to a 47" driver plus room for gear and golf accessories. When not in use, folds compact for storage. On average, this bag is 5lbs lighter than its competitor. Dimensions are 51" H x 19" W x 16" D. Single piece burst proof construction made with water resistant nylon. Reliable and durable zippers and buckles. High-impact plastic wheelbase. Easy loading. Integrated carry handle and adjustable restraint device. These puppies have a valuation of $349 each and there will be five winners!!
  3. OnCore Golf Package: OnCore Golf has been leading the way in the golf ball industry with its innovative, proprietary, award winning golf balls. The ELIXR is the new industry standard in golf ball performance and our package means you will be owning the course in style with a year supply of our golf winning ELIXR tour ball, a black or white hat and a super stylish OnCore Golf bag in red, black or white!  These are valued at $600 each and there will be 15 winners!!
  4. Golfshot Pro App by Golfshot: The best gets better with Pro. Master the course and elevate your game with the new Golfshot Pro app. Features include real-time distances to targets, on-the-spot club recommendations based on game performance, score and handicap linking, advanced scoring, dynamic 3D flyover preview of each hole, zoom in on targeting. These are valued at $39.99 each and there will be 20 winners!!


There will be two grand prizes!! To some this may seem like an odd number but to us it signifies the two greats, Al Geiberger and Gary Player. Gary Player is often regarded as one of the best golfers to ever grace this earth. He has nine major championships, the modern Grand Slam, 165 tournament victories around the world-including 24 official PGA TOUR victories-and nine Senior Tour majors. Al Geiberger is significant in his own right. Geiberger won 11 tournaments on the PGA Tour, one of which was the 1966 PGA Championship, a major title. He won the Tournament Players Championship in 1975, and played on the Ryder Cup teams in 1967 and 1975. Geiberger also won 10 times on the Senior PGA Tour, now called the Champions Tour. On top of this Al was the first person to ever shoot a 59 on the PGA Tour. 





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