Independent Avant Review

Steve Coulton

Check this great review out by Alex Toth, PGA Golf Professional  Review OnCore AVANT 55   "OnCore Golf Avant is a terrific golf ball that makes it even more enticing considering it’s price point. A lot of bang for the golfer buck. Long, soft feel and durable. Nothing but positives for the Avant. It’s price per dozen is $20 USD. If you’re looking for a ball that is “off the beaten track” than give this “indie” golf ball a try. Go ahead… #beMOREwithOnCore."

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1 Week in the Life of an Oncore Review

Argyle Team

OnCore is breaking several barriers in the golf ball industry, and our customers are really starting to see the success. By shaving strokes off your game and landing more fairways, Team OnCore is growing tremendously! Take a look at just a few of the testimonials we received this week;   "Imagine this Windy City golf and I bring out this OnCore ball while the guys all played with the big brand balls. The first tee twenty yards longer with a 135 shot in. I hit the next shot fat but I got a wonderful bounce and up right next to...

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