The secrets of golf ball compression: Is AVANT 55 or ELIXR right for you?

Bold Commerce Collaborator

500 microseconds. That's the amount of time that a driver clubface compresses a golf ball. No, it's not a lot of time, but it is a concept that garners a great deal of media attention. Golf ball compression leaves golfers wondering how to determine the best golf ball for them. Sit back and smile, because we are going to share those secrets with you, and you'll finally be able to pick the proper ball for your swing speed and your skillset. Here is a departure point: golf balls compress when struck by you. How fast you swing will determine how much you...

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OnCore ELIXR Wins Gold

Peter Drew

OnCore Golf’s ELIXR tour ball was recently selected and awarded a prestigious Gold medal by Golf Digest Hot List in the $35 and under a dozen category. OnCore’s low compression AVANT 55 won Silver in the under $25 a dozen category. Each year, Golf Digest does an intense testing of select golf balls in order to share with the golf world their findings of the best of the best. Golf Digest judges conduct their testing with insight from three independent panels. The scientists advise on innovation, retailers determine demand and players assess performance. A product’s ranking is based on its...

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Is low compression right for you?

Steve Coulton

A customer wrote in asking why a 65 compression ball would be good for a high swing speed like his? We put the question to our handy dandy engineer, here is his response; "Low compression does not mean distance is impaired anymore.  Core chemistry is such that we can make a soft core without giving up speed.  Also, lower compression helps with lower spin, particularly off the tee.  Spin around the greens is mainly controlled by cover hardness. Another side benefit is that the ball feels much better.  Everyone is going to lower compression product to promote improved feel."  ...

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