Golf books that will make time away from golf worthwhile: travel

During our time away from public interaction, it can be a challenge to connect with a game that is equal parts outdoors and interactive. WHERE we play and WITH WHOM we play are equally important. At OnCore Golf, we find ourselves rereading golf books on our shelves and, when we've finished them all, we order more golf books online! Whether AbeBooks or Amazon fits the bill, new and used books are available for prompt delivery.

Our first listing of books that you might wish to order, looks at golf course around the world, that you might (eventually) find time to visit.

Of peats and putts: A whisky and golf tour of Scotland

Anyone who is, well, anyone in the world of golf, has traveled to (or wanted to travel to) the home of golf. Andrew Brown takes us on a golf and whisky tour of the auld sod. The water of life and the walk of life combine to offer great fodder to while away an evening.

A course called Ireland & A course called Scotland

If you haven't read Tom Coyne's hilarious tales of walking these two islands, you should. The Philadelphia-based writer trod thousands of kilometers, carrying rucksacks and golf bags, while researching the land, the people, and the golf of Ireland and Scotland. He completed research on the third installment of the trilogy, A course called home, that describes golf in the USA. You'll need to wait on that one, but you can grab the first two volumens today!

18 in America: A Young Golfer's Epic Journey to Find the Essence of the Game

Dylan Dethier now writes for Golf Magazine. Around 2010, he was a high school kid, preparing to attend college. He deferred admission for a year, set off in a rust-bucket of a car, and toured America's conjoined 48 states on a golf version of a Kerouac adventure. What he found and lost, learned and loved along the way, are detailed in this tome.

Dream Golf: The Making of Bandon Dunes

Golfers across the USA will owe a debt of gratitude for decades to come, to Mike Keiser. The Chicago-based entrepreneur made a mid-life career shift. He abandoned the sexy world of humorous greeting cards and entered into one of destination golf, or retail golf, as he termed it. He built the Bandon Dunes resort, now home to 5 full courses and 1 par three layout. He joined forces on Cape Breton Island, Canada, to complete the Cabot Links resort. He established Sand Valley, in the heart of Wisconsin. It all began, on a gorse-covered stretch of land, in coastal nowhere, Oregon.

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