Viktor Hovland Shocks Crowd at US Open

When talking about the greats of golf in the past few years Viktor Hovland is not a name that is frequently brought up. Playing in your first major is a daunting task but playing a major as your first tournament is even more so. Up until this past weekend Victor had no starts on the PGA tour.

He is a top-ranked amateur and he plays golf for Oklahoma State. One can only imagine how daunting it was to walk up to the range and see players like Tiger Woods and Dustin Johnson; Viktor must have realized at or close to that point that he was in the big leagues now and he would have to give it his all to even be in contention. That being said; Viktor more than held his own and we are glad he did because it sort of rejuvenates the game of golf in a way. It gives the future generations of fans and golfers something to look forward to. When he teed off on Thursday no one expected him to play the way he did. Victor started out the first round of the Open with a very respectable 69 at pebble beach. This was astounding for and amateur, but no one expected him to do any better, let alone make it to the weekend. The next two days were more of a struggle for the young amateur but clocking a 73 on Friday and a 71 on Saturday he was still able to advance to the final round. Oh and are we glad he did because Viktor ended up clocking the lowest amateur round in US Open history. This was absolutely astonishing for not only him but his family, friends and team back at home. He was being compared to the likes of Brook’s Koepka and Rory Mcilroy when they were younger. Overall it was a performance for the books, and we hope to see him again on the PGA Tour. 



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Written by Conall Krabak

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