Winter Destinations 3: California

If you live in the land of ice and snow from November through March, you've earned a winter golf getaway. Nothing worse, though, than getting away to rainy-cool to rainy-cold weather. If you're buying into the respite from the chill, go hard and all the way. We've assembled a list of popular, fun, warm & sunny places that are guaranteed to melt the freeze in your limbs, joints, and heart, and get you through to spring. First up were Florida and Arizona. Destination the third is southern California.

Where do you guarantee warm-weather in California, no matter the month of the year? The Palm Springs/Palm Desert area (east of the Santa Rosa mountains) is top of the list. Abundant solar farms certainly suggest the constancy of the sun. Along the Pacific coast, the San Diego area is the guaranteed winner.


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Palm Springs/Palm Desert

From October 1 through the end of April, the average high temperature in Palm Springs does not dip below 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and that 70 only happens in December. A large number of courses in the Palm region are member-only privates. If you're able to access them through the beneficence of your local PGA professional, they won't come cheap!


We're happy to aggregate the following, top-seven list of golf courses and resorts in the PSPD area. La Quinta also offers lodging.  


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San Diego

A local tourism site lists between 80 & 90 golf courses in the greater San Diego department. That's a healthy number for any golfer. What's your choice, then? Water's edge? Cliffside? Inland with hills? Urban municipal? The menu offerings are as diverse as one would expect from a world-class city. We've curated an eclectic list for you. Included are short courses, PGA Tour tests, city munis, and high-end public spots. Enjoy selecting your daily cuisine; you shan't go wrong in San Diego...

Written by Ronald Montesano

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