Winter Destinations 5: Central America

If you live in the land of ice and snow from November through March, you've earned a winter golf getaway. Nothing worse, though, than getting away to rainy-cool to rainy-cold weather. If you're buying into the respite from the chill, go hard and all the way. We've assembled a list of popular, fun, warm & sunny places that are guaranteed to melt the freeze in your limbs, joints, and heart, and get you through to spring. Our final destination (after Florida, Arizona, California and the Caribbean) is Central America. As everyone says in Costa Rica, Pura Vida!

Costa Rica

The majority of golf destinations in Costa Rica await on the Nicoya peninsula, in the northwest part of the country. So popular are they, a new airport was built in Liberia, to handle the air traffic increase that resulted. Costa Rica exceeds its isthmus brethren in terms of infrastructure and tourism options.

Nicoya PeninsulaReserva Conchal & Four Seasons Resort

Jaco: Los Suenyos


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Nicaragua's golf scene is in its infancy, with Guacalito leading the march and Gran Pacifica dreaming large. All development to date has taken place on the Pacific coast. Like Costa Rica to the south, a massive amount of the country is a dedicated biological reserve. Any golf-course builds will necessarily consider their environmental impact as they develop.

Guacalito de la Isla & Gran Pacifica



As with most countries in Central America, the golf scene in Panama is in development. The mountainous nature of its topography makes the development of courses a challenge. With that said, the southernmost country in the isthmus offers a chance to play a bit of golf, while getting to know both the mountain and lowland regions.

Mountain RegionLuceroValle Escondido

Lowlands & Beaches: Santa Maria & Buenaventura



Golf destinations in Honduras focus on the northern coast and the island of Roatan. Whether you plan to visit Pristine Bay (on Roatan) or Indura Beach (northern mainland coast), a direct flight to Roatan is an option. From there, it's 30 minutes to Pristine Bay, or a ferry ride to La Ceiba, to reach Indura Beach.

Pristine BayIndura Beach Resort

Written by Ronald Montesano

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