Winter Destinations 2: Arizona

If you live in the land of ice and snow from November through March, you've earned a winter golf getaway. Nothing worse, though, than getting away to rainy-cool to rainy-cold weather. If you're buying in to the respite from the chill, go hard and all the way. We've assembled a list of popular, fun, warm & sunny places that are guaranteed to melt the freeze in your limbs, joints and heart, and get you through to spring. First up was Florida; now we move on to Arizona for Destination 2.

Arizona is a tricky getaway to pinpoint. Phoenix-Tempe-Scottsdale is a valley-of-the-sun destination, but December can chill just under that 70-degree minimum established in another series installment. We're going to break our own rule here, for the sake of shining a light on all that Arizona has to offer. The separation among the three cities is a mere 12 total miles, so no need to distinguish between them. Enjoy your time below the mountains, in the heart of Arizona winter heat.


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54 Holes


Written by Ronald Montesano

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