A Year in Review

The past year at OnCore Golf has been something special to our staff, partners, and especially our fans and consumers of our golf brand. The golf industry is a large and dangerous water and the journey is never easy to come on top being an underdog in any situation, but at OnCore we thrive under pressure with challenges. We keep coming on top and we do that with the hard work and dedication to always think outside the box with new technology and innovation. 

Tania Tare

Within the past year, one of the biggest accomplishments was the launch of the ELIXR our tour performance ball. The ELIXR made the 2017 Golf Digest Hot List, and we could not be more proud of the success it has been having. Another huge accomplishment was seeing players from the professional tours switch mid-season from the other competitor balls on the market to our ELIXR. To have players from the Web.com tour make the switch mid-season truly shows the power of our innovation. The seed has been planted, so to speak, on the four major tours not because of the money, but solely for the performance of the ball. We have proven that OnCore can continuously keep putting out high quality golf balls that can compete with any others on the market today.

Steenberg oncore

From the partnership with the LPGA Women's Drive campaign to our new ambassador trick artist Tania Tare, and World Long Drive competitor Ryan Steenberg, OnCore is branching out to new waters in trying to differentiate ourself in the golf industry with incredible people from all different backgrounds. We are all about diversity within the game and in golf it does not matter where you come from, how big you are, or what your age is, we are trying to show that the game of golf is for everybody. In addition to differentiating ourself from competition we partnered with all 92 Wegmans distributions across the entire Northeast implementing a Blue Ocean strategy. Most people see Wegmans to be an odd location to offer our golf balls for sale, but for us we see it as a way to separate ourselves and eliminate the competition. No other golf brand is in Wegmans and it is a huge opportunity for us in the growth of pathing our own path in this industry.

Genius golf Ball

This is our 6th year in the golf industry and we just want to say thank you to our fans and supporters of OnCore who believe in us. In 2018 we are focusing on the future of golf and creating new products that will be a game changer in innovation and technology of the game. In 2018 we will be releasing our GENiUS Ball, which has already been creating a large volume of support and respect within the community. Also, in 2018 we will be making revisions to some of our golf balls already on our product line. Some small tweaks will go a long way for even better performance that will be exciting to see and show off when all set and done. Once again, thank you for all the love and support for this past year. For more information on our products visit our website at http://www.oncoregolf.com/

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